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One-on-one Coaching Services

Do you feel called to invest in your deep spiritual healing on behalf of your ancestors and descendants?

Have you gone through a challenging pregnancy, birth, or parenting experiences and you want to work on healing your own traumas so that you don’t pass them onto your children?

Have you done a lot of healing work already but feel the need for a loving container to hold you accountable while you do the work to peel back that next layer of your healing and step up into your most vibrant, brilliant version of yourself?

Do you feel the call to birth a baby, business or creative expression that will change the fabric of your life?

Do you feel a deep desire to live authentically and responsibly explore your desires that may not fit neatly into old paradigm constructs?

Do you know that your desires shatter what the old paradigm expects from you, but feel nervous about exploring those sides of yourself?

Do you currently feel boxed in, like there’s a wildness inside you that needs to break out of the box but don’t know where to feel safe?

If you answered a genuine yes to any of these questions and resonate with my journey, I offer 6-12 month healing mentorships, spiritual life coaching for womxn and all humans to go deep into your healing process.

Let’s work together if:

You are ready to dive deep and put in the work it takes to uncover your most authentic dreams and desires

You are ready and willing to look at yourself with an intersectional lens and deconstruct the way capitalist, patriarchal, white supremacist, ableist collective patterning and thought matrices show up in your life and transform into a human who celebrates new paradigm consciousness and Equitable Sovereignty

-Crave deep transformation and are ready to invest in the time and money it takes to break through and are willing to stick with it when it gets intense

-You are willing to show your messy emotions, thoughts, reflections, and full self, listen to your intuition in this supportive container even when it feels scary or vulnerable to do so

This sacred service is not for you if:

You are looking for a healer to heal you with minimal effort on your part. I can help you hold a sacred container around your spiritual work and be a sounding board in your journey but ultimately, you must put in your own effort or nothing will come of our time together

You are not willing to try things differently or want to stay comfortable and prefer to stay on the surface

You are not comfortable with embodiment practices and do not like writing

The space I hold is intended to make people of all backgrounds feel loved, seen, heard, and supported, especially for mothers and primary caregivers who identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

I use a mash-up of all the skills in my tool box, including somatics / embodiment practices, guided breath work, movement, meditation, chakra scanning, pranic healing, light language downloads, tarot divination, ancestor ritual, magic, deep listening, piercing life coaching questions, affirmations, emotional intelligence / interoceptive awareness, and poem-reflection homeplay assignments.   

If you are interested in having my guidance as you go deeper into the journey of uncovering your own heart and womb space wisdom, please click the link below to schedule a call to see if we are a good match for this sacred coaching relationship. 

Sessions take place online over Zoom


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