How to tend to death and allow rebirth

Whoa. I was feeling anxiety in my heart and chest and stomach this whole day and wasn’t really sure why. Then I decided to check in with the news. Wow. White supremacy. Taking over the white house. The last time that happened was in 1814? Wow. This domestic terrorism coup is white supremacy trying so hard not to die. PleaseContinue reading “How to tend to death and allow rebirth”

BIRTHING THE NEW PARADIGM: New Language for Ancient Systems

by Adrienne Ero-Phillips Many of us sense the old systems crumbling. But what can we do about it? How can we create the systems we all dream of existing within?  We can easily name what we don’t want. But how can we really birth the new paradigm? What are the guiding principles of the newContinue reading “BIRTHING THE NEW PARADIGM: New Language for Ancient Systems”

4 things you can do to be more generous

Blessings loves. This week’s podcast episode is in honor of Native Heritage month and of transforming the holiday of thanksgiving into a time to reflect on how to take small steps towards being generous to our soul’s accountabilities, working to call forth individual and collective aligned actions. My hope is for people to move pastContinue reading “4 things you can do to be more generous”

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