Total Eclipse of the Heart

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This is the final episode of the 1st season of Stories of the In Between! It has been a wonderful experience, sharing what is on my heart with you all here this past transformative May 2020 to May 2021.  I share a story about a mental health co-worker that affected me deeply when I was working in inpatient mental health that helped catapult me on the path I am on now. Once you hear the story, it will be clear why I am now offering help to mental health professionals and empaths break out of burn out, release emotional stress, and find freedom. With a fun spirit, ancestor outtake with my children at the end. I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to reach out at anytime:

Replace it with a Win by Adrienne Ero-Phillips © 2021

Connected to times past

These ancestors

I call on you now

What do you have to say to me today?

Dear child

Please reveal your name to me




Dear theralisus

What do I need to let go of even more in order to thrive?

Base line let go of worry

Replace with trust

Deep trust

In evey single minute detail

Trust trust trust





In helping people

You have so many skills people do not yet know

Because you have been open and in your gemini way about the world

So now you get to teach about energy work

Energy healing from a place of overflow

What to do I need to release in order to thrive?

Lack mentality

Secong guessing yourself

Nip it in the bud when it comes

Shoop, zip up the lips and close down the thought

Replace with a win

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