Happy Taurus Season and Mother’s Day!

Here is me as a 5 month old babe in 1987.

This picture has been on my altar recently because I have feeling like I am in the baby foundation laying stage of completely new phase of my life.

Cheers to the wonder of spring plant babies, human babies, creative and business babies!

Let’s keep watering these seeds of the new paradigm through the rubble.

In this episode, I ask you for Taurus season:

What foundations are you laying in your life right now?  

I also share about an event called Mothers Day Womb Arts Retreat where I will be hosting

Womb Poetry  on Sunday May 9th at 9am PST / 11 am CST / 12pm EST. 

I also share a recent birthing hypnosis track that I created for my dear friend who recently birthed her 1st baby. 

Enjoy the spring sunshine! 

Adrienne xoxo

Total Eclipse of the Heart Stories of the In Between

This is the final episode of the 1st season of Stories of the In Between! It has been a wonderful experience, sharing what is on my heart with you all here this past transformative May 2020 to May 2021.  I share a story about a mental health co-worker that affected me deeply when I was working in inpatient mental health that helped catapult me on the path I am on now. Once you hear the story, it will be clear why I am now offering help to mental health professionals and empaths break out of burn out, release emotional stress, and find freedom. With a fun spirit, ancestor outtake with my children at the end.  I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to reach out at anytime: adrienne@adrienneerophillips.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/adrienneerophillips/message
  1. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  2. Happy Taurus Season and Mother's Day!
  3. Death knows and life creates
  4. Gentle rage, fierce compassion
  5. Happy Spring Equinox! Trusting in the incubating seeds

Calm and Confident Poem by Adrienne Ero-Phillips © 2021

Calm and confident


Millions of women have done this before me and they are with me now


A flower opening

Down down down

I release control

Control of expectations

The world falls away

The only thing there is

Mama tiger roars deep roars

Groans deep and turns inwards

I talk to the baby

Get in tune with her

Her consciousness is my consciousness

She chose you

You chose her

You and her are working to together

All that is needed is to stay present

And allow the waves to open your portal

Each wave so efficient

Because I am relaxes and calm

And I believe in my deep opening

The depths of my power

The appreciation of many possibilities

Her heart and breath

Your breath

Your depth of knowing that you release control of the outcome

You show up as a vessel

A vessel for her passage


All ok

You are the center of the universe either way

Truth is that she and know will know

Which direction she wants to go

To open open open

Open to the peace

And relax

Relax shoulders, arms and legs muscles

To open open open to the way it supposed to be

You are calm and confident

The waves surge through and you open open open

To the way she is supposed to come

Her heart beat knows

Your breath soothes her

You talk to each other through the whole process

A team

Your spouse, doula, midwife your only points of the external world

They given you sips of juice

Intuit your every need

You are communicating with your spirit, her spirit

And your new beginning is through this process

You are calm and confident

Allow breath and flow

Come on baby come on baby come on come on

We are so excited to meet

You will be so pleased with the mother you chose, the family you chose, the community you chose

So much love surrounds you from your head to toes

Open open open like a flower to way you chose

cow on top of green hill in countryside
Photo of a bull on a hill with blue skies and green grass by Atypeek Dgn on Pexels.com

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