Happy Spring Equinox! Trusting in the incubating seeds

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Happy Spring Equiniox!

Happy spring equinox today! Today is the day of the year where we get to celebrate the first day of spring, where the day is equal to the night, where we transition from the end of the zodiacal year, the oceanic dream-like ethereal realms of Pisces season into the fiery initiatory spark of creation that is Aries season. What seeds have been incubating for you? What spark of creation will spring forth from you now? Your courageous individual gifts and creations are welcomed and so needed in this new earth reality. 

Death knows and life creates Stories of the In Between

Today is an episode dedicated to the lives of Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others whose lives and breath were taken away unjustly. I feel lots of feels.  What to do but dive into the practice of poetry, of holding the intersecting tensions of it all with the breath of new creation. I share a poem about feelings around checking in with the trial briefly and then share my thoughts about how to continue to dissect the intersecting sicknesses of white supremacy and disconnection from Mother Earth. I talk about watching Downton Abbey and using it as a way to understand more deeply where these twisted energies of supremacy, racial and other kinds of hierarchy have come from and how they are connected to how we show up in our bodies in present times. Tend. Forgive. Have compassion. Accept. Be accountable. Step up again and again to figure out your role in the transformation. You got this love.  Ready to be brave yet need accountability and a fiercely loving container while you experiment and align?   1 on 1  Spiritual Life Coaching program with me now open!   Apply here.  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/adrienneerophillips/message
  1. Death knows and life creates
  2. Gentle rage, fierce compassion
  3. Happy Spring Equinox! Trusting in the incubating seeds
  4. Meditation for Resilience with Justin Michael Williams
  5. Come join me! for Nurturing the New Paradigm <3

So many sweet resources to plug into hosted by some of my incredible colleagues ! 

You may have heard them on my latest free online event NURTURING THE NEW PARADIGM. Sign up here to catch the replay finale where all the speaker talks will available for 72 hours from March 20th-23rd. 

Elissa Weinzimmer and Voice Body Connection presents Episode 68 On spring equinox with Virginia Rosenberg. Listen to the podcast here.

Kelly Shay and Harmonious World presents Healing, Harmony, and Hope Spring Equinox Virtual Retreat Today! March 20th 11-2pm PST / 1-4pm CST / 2-5pm EST Register here. $25-$34 Support and listen to BIPOC healers, participate in an afternoon of yoga, comedy and conversations on developing our relationship with plant relatives. 

2) Stephanie Elizabeth Briggs and Heart blossom presents SPRING EQUINOX CIRCLE A FREE Live Online Ritual & Gathering ⚘Today! March 20th 11-12pm PST / 1-2pm CST / 2-3pm EDT Register here.  An embodied grounding and guided meditation journey to guide towards finding your seeds of possibility that have incubating. Replay available. Accessibility notes: People of all genders are welcome. Live call won't have captions, but the replay will. 

3) Elayne Kalila Doughty and Priestess Presence Temple presentsPriestess as Ceremonialist: Leading from the Center of the Hive Register here. A FREE 4 day online Journey March 21st—24th where you will get to dive deeper into embodying the 5 faces of ceremonial leadership. I am the Challenger archetype. Fitting right?! Are you the Midwife, EdgeWalker, Mystic, Challenger, or Ecstatic? Live opening and closing ceremonies, replays available. 

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Support yourself. Nourish yourself. Nurture your seeds. Trust that the incubating seeds will spring forth in divine timing. Have faith and find joy in the seeds and uncertainty beneath the earth.

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