I’m so excited! Come join me for NURTURTNG THE NEW PARADIGM. A FREE Online Series.

Have you ever felt self-doubt, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, isolation, or disconnection that was preventing you from taking your personal life or business to the NEXT LEVEL?
Have you ever wished you had the know-how to be more worthy, free, playful, confident,
connected and empowered to do your part in dismantling white supremacy and step up into Equitable Sovereignty?

Can you imagine working through those insecurities, feeling a deep transformation happen from within you, proud of your courageous first steps taken towards your healing, confident in your ability to claim your authentic power within, and create your business and the new world with equity, integrity and love?

If so you’ll want to check out my interview on the Nurturing the New Paradigm event!

Nurturing the New Paradigm is a 14-day workshop specifically targeted to help womxn and all humans go deep into the wounds of ancestors, tend, alchemlize, and awaken mindful, effective solutions to transform white cis-het-patriarchy into the CREATRIARCHY, Equitable Sovereignty, Love Elementality, and Radical Respect for Black lives, Trans lives, Queer lives, Neurodiverse lives, all living beings and Mama Gaia herself. And in doing so lay the foundations of the inner belief, worth, integrity, intuition, inspiration and embodied confidence it takes to shine in your life and business.

I have been busy gathering some of the most magical, successful tapped-in coaches, healers, artists, speakers, and visionaries ready to share their real-life experience, tips, and solutions for developing the deep embodied self worth, intuition, and confidence you need to step up and own your slice of this paradigm shift. These are coaches, business leaders, CEOs, artists, who have transcended from feelings of unworthiness and disconnection to stepping and owning their unique brilliance. They are dedicated to helping womxn and humans like you realize your potential and show you how to get out
there and shine!

They’re ready to spill all their secrets on:
● How to find freedom from the inside out
● How to love, forgive, and have compassion for yourself when tending deep ancestor
● How to connect your voice with your inner activism
● How to imagine into actually ending racism in our lifetime
● How to connect with your intuition around your unique slice of the paradigm shift
● How to use meditation, creativity, poetry, writing, and affirmations to accelerate your
● How to use cycles of the earth and moon to guide us back to wholeness
● How to create sacred menstruation rituals to give back old paradigm systems to Mama
● How to feel confident in your desires, sexuality, and diverse abilities
● How to use your magic for your sacred business success

This event is only available for a limited time and I have a special early-bird ticket for you here as a big THANK YOU for committing to your healing and continuing your journey to SELF WORTH, VIBRANT AUTHENTICITY, and CONFIDENCE.

What would it be worth if you knew you could always feel confident in your ability to create your business with equity, integrity and love, proud of your courageous steps towards
the life of your dreams, and worthy of your role in the paradigm shift?

This event is totally free and will start on Tuesday March 2nd but you can save your seat

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