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Total Eclipse of the Heart Stories of the In Between

This is the final episode of the 1st season of Stories of the In Between! It has been a wonderful experience, sharing what is on my heart with you all here this past transformative May 2020 to May 2021.  I share a story about a mental health co-worker that affected me deeply when I was working in inpatient mental health that helped catapult me on the path I am on now. Once you hear the story, it will be clear why I am now offering help to mental health professionals and empaths break out of burn out, release emotional stress, and find freedom. With a fun spirit, ancestor outtake with my children at the end.  I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to reach out at anytime: adrienne@adrienneerophillips.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/adrienneerophillips/message
  1. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  2. Happy Taurus Season and Mother's Day!
  3. Death knows and life creates
  4. Gentle rage, fierce compassion
  5. Happy Spring Equinox! Trusting in the incubating seeds

Funds in my bank account

Secret door to success, yes!

Finding a way into my heart

The feeling possessed

Of having, well being, peace and truth

When an indolent day comes

What am I to do?

Release, let go, try again


Create, impress that we were all trying our best

The feeling I have towards him is the most important

He talks about the facts but really it’s the reeling

The reeling of the feeling

Of non-appreciation

Trying to be there but quelled with a ceiling

To breakthrough now

Is the way of un-doing

The building of a business

The sense of a clearing

The way of a nearing

This near or far way

To be and allow

To meditate


What if I’m not really attracted to the different vibration

Just living his life and trying to find calibration

Collaborating on these kids, both here for them

Truth, but where are we for each other

I must admit I often release you

From my attention

Because I feel like another way is anew

The paradigm to be nurtured

It is the only way through

What to do?

When MPR won’t take my call because

I want to talk about the spiritual roots

The roots would get to it

But collectively not yet ready for it

Ready to create a new chapter

A new phase

My book is coming

Know that

And then the recognition and the praise

The praise for this foresight

This energy of peaceful ways

But it does mean looking inside

And inside there’s goo

Goo, oozing berating the point

Of pulling out the root to be understanding

Of farce

But we currently discuss actions

Of violence

And of words

When will we be ready to talk about

Relating with the heart?

That’s what its about

Yet you want to stay in the head

Then you can logic and reason

But it keeps it all depressed

The real deal lives in the body

The heart, womb space, and then soul

It is a peregrine falcon

Quick release healing

Digging deep in like a mole

Yes the body never lies

It’s where emotions are on a sleeve

Emotions relating with knowing

And with ease

And connection and knowing

Creating and pouring

Words on a page

To create and engage

To be true to the words

And what the words bring out

Out of the blue




Trust in the blue

Trust in the feeling of rainbow spectrum

And I want to relate, and be washed

Feeling, kneeling, being

Now centered anew

Anew to what?


And trying to make them accessible

Yes I don’t have much patience when it’s like

Watching paint dry or glue

Glue this sticky thing

To keep it depressed in the brain

Glue sticky kids use it

To stick on it

Listen to you

You say again and again

But what if we listened to them

And allowed it to wash us anew

These children’s voices

Rising up into the air

Their drawing, their happiness

Their power, their stare

No more dogma I say

You don’t know everything

To let you be

To be over-bearing

But if that is what’s needed

I need to be clear

Need to wash

Need to dry

Need to let go

And find clearing

Because I can only control me

Never you, you see

Because trust is a lifetime

A way to go forward and read

And write a new history

A pen and papyri

The ultimate tools for magic

This way of the writing

Has always been at the heart of it

Of why humans can create worlds

Imagined and written down

Told through time post-humous

My books coming

Excited, foretold

Of a time when people

Read them like I read Florence Scovel Shinn

She left this treasure of a book

As a guide post, a fin

And silencing, oppression and reactivity

A fish to swim to

When thoughts are less than poetic

And the feelings come along and are often pathetic

Of annoyance and distaste disgust and unamazed

Towards the reflection of yourself

The way back is towards the page

The rewriting of history

Towards a freedom of peaceful projection

What is that I am disgusted about within myself?

I am disgusted that I let someone down

That I am releasing an old career

That is supposed to be just started

But honestly it is clear

Clearly creating itself

Out to release and let go

I am ready and excited for the next wealth phase

To be bold

To be bold and share poetry on this platform of joy and creativity

Even though it is still flawed

The people behind the curtain

Desperate, disparate to keep pulling the strings

When what they really need is forgiveness

Of their own hearts to readily step up with their wings

Because they could fly too with us

And they should and they will?

But let go you must

From power over tendencies and pills

Because the truth goes down better

With creativity you got that part right

Let’s create and uplift instead of control and fight

This way of the world is calling to be stopped

The power is within you, from the earth

Do you remember

You are magic

You are creator

You can be that, renewed and better

This way of the world is driving violent actions

When within it locked

Away is an Eden so good can’t quite imagine

So please die and grieve

So life can be washed anew

Washed anew

So life can be washed anew

So life can be true

Can be the deep presence of tasty purple grapes, grapes purple

Instead of red, white, and blue

 © Copyright Adrienne Ero-Phillips 2021

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