How to tend to death and allow rebirth

Whoa. I was feeling anxiety in my heart and chest and stomach this whole day and wasn’t really sure why. Then I decided to check in with the news. Wow. White supremacy. Taking over the white house. The last time that happened was in 1814? Wow.

This domestic terrorism coup is white supremacy trying so hard not to die. Please dear white supremacy, in the hearts of all white people, mine included, please die. The hole left there, I pray for it to be tended long enough, shaken long enough, cried out long enough, released enough for us to see that

the antidote is

  1. Being proud of your witch self, your european indigeneity,
  2. Forgiving your ancestors for burning the femme in you,
  3. Having compassion for the part yourself and your ancestor blood that perpetuates the racial caste system and spreads harm out of fear.

Death is rebirth. Allow death, tend the rebirth. I send prayers of death doula-ing to the souls of my fellow white people. May you feel my energy and those of our spiritual guides holding you as we allow ourselves to feel the immensity of hurt caused, in our own hearts and those of humanity, especially BIPOC people. True sovereignty is not this. White supremacy is emptiness, disillusionment.

Equitable sovereignty means many things. Here are a few:

1) Checking yourself and re-patterning outdated over-culture stories of supremacy into those of real abundance: the deepening the connection you have to your soul’s purpose, your part in the transformation, and your relationships

2) Feeling the anxiety and dancing and shaking this mind-disease out of your body so that in the next moment you can act with more kindness and less harm, to yourself and others.

Please allow death. It is a natural part of life. Let us release the thick knots of energy in individual and collective systems. Be true to yourself and release and cry and blubber into lifetimes of grief from this unchecked harm. Please love humanity enough to see that this battlefield of unchecked white violence starts in the hearts of ourselves. White supremacy is the deepest domestic terrorism. Stop terrorizing your own heart. Forgive yourself for the unforgivable actions of your ancestors. Forgive so that you can tend to your soul’s healing as a mother tends to a baby.

Let us start with transforming denial into awareness. When we are aware, then we see how much healing is needed. And healing is here for you. You are worthy of your own self-forgiveness. You are worthy of your own healing. Let us breathe and release together. I love you.

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