4 things you can do to be more generous

Blessings loves.

This week’s podcast episode is in honor of Native Heritage month and of transforming the holiday of thanksgiving into a time to reflect on how to take small steps towards being generous to our soul’s accountabilities, working to call forth individual and collective aligned actions. My hope is for people to move past calcified denial and flow into pleasure-filled (thank you always adrienne maree brown!) ways of contending with our slice of the paradigm shift. It is up to us as white people to continue the process of dismantling white supremacy and stepping into Equitable Sovereignty. I believe it is possible.

4 things you can do to be more generous to your soul’s accountabilities:

#1 Learn

Visit http://www.native-lands.ca/ to begin to understand the first nations lands you live on.

#2 Acknowledge

Acknowledge the immense generosity of living and ancestor native peoples during everyday self talk, prayer, meditation, and conversations with friends, family, followers.

#3 Self compassion and forgiveness practice

Place your hand on your heart and surround your cells with self-compassion and self-forgiveness on behalf of yourself and your ancestors.

Forgiveness and self-compassion does not bypass. Forgiveness and self-compassion acknowledges and allows us to deeply own mistakes and ancestor actions, for energies to be fully felt. Self-forgiveness and compassion transmutes heavy energies often calcified into denial and resentment into a lighter energy so that it can be worked with, alchemized and transformed.

#4 Reparations

Set up a recurring monetary gift to your local indigenous organizations you have connected with through the http://www.native-lands.ca/ website or others in your area.

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