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Blessings to you dear one, 

Hope this blog finds you well. 

Here we are on the other side of the Lion’s gate portal just past the New Moon in Leo and I grateful to say that this one has brought a lot of clarity to me around how to communicate with loved ones and continue to lean into the Creatriarchy, Equitable Sovereignty, Love Elementality, and Radiating Respect, dismantling white supremacy and hetero-cis-patriarchy in my everyday frequencies and feelings and subsequent actions. 

The biggest takeaway and technique from the Lion’s portal and the New Moon in Leo that I have been using in my own life that I would like to offer you now: 

1) Focus on your breath and meditate and drop your cord into mother earth and drink up with gratitude her energy of grounding in your feet and root chakras and into your body

2) Drink up her energy into your heart space and send a 360 degree care-bear beam of love energy out towards your soul star, angels, and guides, ascended masters, and ancestors that have lived a good life, lovingly asking them for all energetic codes and keys needed for your day

3) Allow this energy to come back into your heart 100-fold and circulate through your whole body, up to your head and neck and then back down into your whole body and then anchored back into the earth

Imagine the ankh symbol juxtaposed in 3D in your body as you do this meditation. There is an ancient inner technology that was known by humans on this planet previously that is now being more easily rediscovered because Mama Gaia and all her inhabitants are being upgraded from a carbon structure back to a crystalline structure. May we all re-remember the origins of humankind from the continent of Africa as sacred and magical. May we honor these wisdoms through recapitulation of systems and resources in these coming years through both policy and in present-hearted moments towards Equitable Sovereignty.

This is the new ancient paradigm, of understanding ancient inner technologies that can be accessed through meditation, using plant medicines like cannabis in a sacred and honored way, orgasm, dancing, music, vibration, or simply with a single breath.  

For me, this has helped my communication with my spouse so much.  And because I am in an inter-racial relationship (he is Black and I am white), every communication I have with him I view as a microcosm of the macrocosm of the systems I am either upholding or dismantling in every moment. I have noticed that when I communicate from an angry and controlling place (so easy to fall into in a marriage!),  our interactions are more likely to turn into more hurt and unconsciously upholding hurtful systems.  However, when I am communicating from my heart space, our interactions continue to usher in the Creatriarchy and Equitable Sovereignty. It is a dance as I simultaneously attempt to step up into my own Sovereignty as a woman and queer person as well. Both/and. Always.

It takes courage to continue to step up into the frequencies needed to anchor into this new paradigm and I invite you to be compassionate with yourself. Focus on frequency first in order to have our actions be in alignment with the highest self and subsequently the highest good for all of humanity and Mama Gaia herself. 

As those in charge of the old paradigm and outdated systems continue to mis-understand true abundance and inter-connectivity, wreaking havoc disproportionately affect Black, brown, indigenous, trans people etc., know that upgrading your own frequencies towards speaking up with love and imagining of systems that truly support us all, is what is needed now.  You are enough, especially when you are fully yourself, fully aligned with your slice of the shift towards the CREATRIARCHY, Equitable Sovereignty, Love Elementality and Radical Respect that we all deserve. And so it is.

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